What we do

The engineering company BC Building Consulting srl was started in 2000 as a natural development of the professional activities of the CEO, surveyor Pasquale Miele,  and of the technical director, prof. eng. Maurizio Nicolella.

The main activities BC has taken part in concern the design and construction supervision of building and infrastructural engineering, developed for both in new constructions and restoration.  A peculiar experience has been gained in some fields of activity, in detail:

In the field of planning:
– project management / Wbs techniques
– operational planning
– maintenance techniques and planning

In the field of building technologies:
– technological design of building components
– performance-based management of construction projects
– technical specifications and requirements
– Checks of conformity and performance (during the building phase)

In the field of cost control:
– cost control
– preliminary and economic evaluations / cost estimations at any level of detail
– value engineering
– benefit cost analysis

Metric and economic assessment of worksThe BC Building Consulting srl is also involved in public and private contract procedures, for activities of:
– control and validation of projects
– support to the Client in the contract procedures.